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Speaking about wellness ahead of pregnancy, we imply way of life, nutrition, physical activity, habits, and also achievable chronic illnesses, such as heightened blood stress or diabetes. If you have such illnesses, then you just have to check out a medical professional beforehand. You know, this may possibly complicate pregnancy, bring harm to an unborn baby. Tell your physician which medicinal preparations and in which doses you take. Doctor will advocate you tests and observations you should pass, for instance, X-ray photography. Attempt to go over all concerns you have for the moment.

It is substantially easier to think over a strategy of treatment before pregnancy and then worrying about complications.


Diabetes – it is a illness, appearing as a outcome of lack of insulin in organism, this hormone is made by pancreas. If you have diabetes, it will be more complicated for you to become pregnant. Moreover, diabetes can influence passing of pregnancy seriously. Very first of all, it can grow to be a purpose of miscarriage or giving birth to a dead child. Secondly, ladies suffering from diabetes can give birth to babies with inborn defects.

You can lower threat of such complications due to continuous handle of sugar content material in blood in the course of pregnancy. If you do not care of your state, then diabetes although pregnancy may well turn out to be dangerous each for you and your future child. Majority of complications, connected with diabetes, are displayed for the duration of very first trimester, i.e. in the course of initial 13 weeks of pregnancy.

Pregnancy may well cause complications of state when diabetes, what will demand enhance of insulin doses. This can be simply determined with support of test on sugar content in blood. Majority of physicians advocate taking a specific care of this disease development through at least 2-three months before conception. This will enable to decrease probability of danger of miscarriage or other challenges. Possibly, you will have to pass tests on sugar content in blood quite a few occasions per day, to manage illness totally and avoid feasible complications. Previous encounter shows that women, suffering from diabetes, had severe complications with conception and passing of pregnancy. But die to comprehensive and continuous control even women-diabetics can count on prosperous result of pregnancy and delivery.

If in your loved ones there were cases of diabetes or you have slightest suspicions as for your personal health, pass tests prior to pregnancy certainly.


About 1% of pregnant girls endure from asthma. It is not possible to predict influence of pregnancy on asthma. Half of women, suffering from this illness, notice no adjustments for the duration of pregnancy, about 25% really feel even slight improvement, and the rest (25%) observe worsening of state.

Majority of anti-asthma remedies are safe for pregnant, but it is nevertheless improved to seek the advice of a physician as for preparation to take. Virtually all who suffer from asthma know what may possibly grow to be a explanation of fit, so keep away from contact with allergens just before getting pregnant and through whole pregnancy. Try to control your state yet just before pregnancy.


Hypertension, or high blood stress, can result in complication both of mother’s and unborn baby’s health. For girls it is connected with risk of refusal of kidneys perform, probability of hypertensic crisis or headache. Boost of a future mother’s blood stress could turn out to be a reason for decrease of blood inflow to placenta, what will lead to delays of fetus development, i.e. a baby will weigh much less, than normal while birth.

If you had high blood stress prior to pregnancy, then you just have to take care of it throughout all 9 months. Likely, gynaecologist will send you to therapeutist’s or loved ones doctor’s observation with this goal.
Before creating a selection to grow to be pregnant, ladies, suffering from hypertension, should consult a medical doctor. Some treatments against high blood stress are safe for pregnant, some are not. On no account quit taking tablets and reduce dose without having a doctor’s prescription! This can be unsafe. If you program giving birth to a infant, ask you doctor about treatments you are taking against high blood stress, and about safety of taking these medicines in the course of pregnancy.

Heart ailments

During pregnancy load on heart increases about 50%. If you have sick heart, it is required for your physician to know about it prior to you come to be pregnant.

Some heart illnesses, such as mitral valve prolapse, can seriously complicate passing of pregnancy. Possibly, you will even have to take antibiotics prior to delivery. Other heart diseases, such as inborn heart disease, may perhaps seriously influence state of well being. In this case pregnancy and delivery are sometimes contra-indicated.

Seek the advice of your doctor as for heart illnesses prior to you turn into pregnant.

Kidneys and urinary bladder ailments

Infections of urinary system, in certain urinary bladder, usually seem through pregnancy. If you don’t remedy disease in time, infection may pass to kidneys, causing pyelonephritis.

Infections of urinary bladder and pyelonephritis might lead to premature birth. If you ever suffered from pyelonephritis or repeating infections of urinary method, this need to be determined just before pregnancy.

Stones in kidneys also could complicate passing of pregnancy. This illness is accompanied by severe pains in lower aspect of belly, so it is fairly challenging to diagnose it in the course of pregnancy. Furthermore, stones in kidneys might become a reason of look of infections of urinary method and pyelonephritis.

If you ever had some only infection of urinary bladder, you ought to not worry a lot. But you nonetheless should really inform your physician about it. He will choose no matter whether you have to have to pass extra careful observation prior to pregnancy.

Thyroid gland illnesses

Thyroid gland ailments might seem each due to the fact of excess or lack of thyroid hormone. Excess of hormone is known as thyrotoxicosis. In this case metabolism in human organism is speeded up. This may perhaps be caused by Graves’ illness. Thyrotoxicosis is usually cured with assistance of operation of medicinal treatments, reducing content of thyroid hormone in organism. If you don’t cure this disease, there is rather high level of danger premature birth and giving birth to a child with low weight.

You can carry our remedy for the duration of pregnancy too: there’re rather secure preparations, which pregnant girls may perhaps take. of thyroid hormone – hypothyroidism – is typically triggered by disease of autoimmune origin. In this case thyroid gland is damaged by anti-bodies, which are developed by your organism. Although hypothyroidism taking of thyroid hormones is prescribed. Not cured hypothyroidism threatens with sterility or habitual noncarrying of pregnancy.

If you have thyrotoxicosis or hypothyroidism, you will need to pass through observation before pregnancy, to ascertain doses of medicinal treatments, important for treatment. In the approach of pregnancy your necessity in preparations may change, and then you will have to pass one more observation.

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